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Experience the difference at the South Capitol Smile Center, DC’s home for Comprehensive, Esthetic and Minimally Invasive Dental care!

Your healthy smile is a vital part of your overall health. You and your family deserve a dental provider who puts your needs first, a professional team to make you feel welcome and a caring dentist who is dedicated to using the most advanced technology for your safety, comfort, and convenience. Dr. Sheila Samaddar and her team at the South Capitol Smile Center can help you achieve your smile goals.

Whether you want cosmetic treatments to transform your look, restorative treatments to improve form and function, or simply preventative care to protect your family’s long-term oral health, the South Capitol Smile Center will make you smile!

Choose a dental team that cares about you! Call the South Capitol Smile Center today!


Download our new patient forms and fill them out before your appointment so we can attend to your medical needs more quickly.



We have compiled a list of commonly asked dental questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, please call our office. We will be happy to help!



If you are experiencing extreme pain, bleeding, swelling, a deep cut or a dislodged tooth, you should seek help immediately.



South Capitol Smile Center and Dr. Sheila Samaddar have been featured in various newspapers and online publications.


Success Story

Chris Keener

“My smile is such an important part of my personality. I was, and still am, blown away by the results. I can’t recommend the South Capitol Smile Center highly enough.”

Caring for All of Your Needs

Our office offers comprehensive, esthetic and minimally invasive dentistry for children ages 6 months and up, and all phases of general dentistry.


Straighten your teeth with Invisalign™ and use the most discreet treatment option available today! Did you know you could straighten your teeth without metal braces? Invisalign® is an FDA-approved system that uses clear, removable aligners to incrementally straighten your teeth without those uncomfortable brackets or wires. And because you can remove Invisalign™ aligners to eat and drink, there is no need to worry about food restrictions or problems with brushing or flossing. The South Capitol Smile Center is Washington, DC’s #1 Solo GP Invisalign™ Provider, so you’re in great hands with Dr. Samaddar if you want to straighten your smile with Invisalign™! Don’t just consider Invisalign for esthetics. Lining your teeth up will allow better home care, less staining and a less traumatic bite. All of these uncorrected conditions can result in premature tooth loss. Call us today for your complimentary Invisalign Consultation!



You’re busy in DC, so there’s only so much time you can devote to going to the dentist. That’s why the South Capitol Smile Center uses CEREC™ – a groundbreaking technological system that allows for the fabrication of all-ceramic tooth restorations in a single visit. While in the past many restorations required several visits to the dentist, CEREC’s™ system custom creates natural-looking restorations for you in less time, assuring you of a quicker, more comfortable dental experience. And with no temporary or impressions, we can scan and get you out the door without the need for follow-up visits.



Your comprehensive dental appointment at the South Capitol Smile Center will include a thorough evaluation, radiographs, intraoral photos, soft tissue and Intraoral Identify Oral Cancer Screening and iTero scanning to help evaluate your dental condition. We will also answer any and all questions about your homecare procedures, dental conditions, and preventive care to help you maintain your smile for life.


Meet the Dentist

Sheila M. Samaddar, DDS

Dr. Samaddar comes from a long line of medical professionals. She is a third-generation doctor on both sides of her family, and on her mother’s side are several dentists. As a result, she found her passion for dentistry early in life, helping out in her mother’s dental office as early as the age of seven.

Meet the Dentist

Sheila M. Samaddar, DDS

Dr. Samaddar comes from a long line of medical professionals. She is a third-generation doctor on both sides of her family, and on her mother’s side are several dentists. As a result, she found her passion for dentistry early in life, helping out in her mother’s dental office as early as the age of seven.

Our Patients Love Us and We Love Them!

Fixing my smile, which had worn down over time, changed my life. My outlook was brighter, my increased confidence was evident and the way I presented myself to the world was as if a totally different person was representing me. Dr. Sheila is a miracle worker – I will be forever grateful for her time, caring and expertise.

Actual Patient

Every word that passes your lips counts more when you say it with a great smile. Enjoy a lifetime of being truly heard!

Actual Patient

Words can’t express my gratitude to Dr. Samaddar for helping me regain my confidence in my smile again. Growing up, I was ALWAYS afraid of the dentist, but she helped me overcome my fear and feel safe every time I was in her chair. She made sure my veneers looked as natural as possible and that I was satisfied with the final product. I owe my smile to her and her hard work and dedication to tending to every patient!

Actual Patient

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