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I was very apprehensive about getting a cosmetic veneer procedure done. My smile is such an important part of my personality (and even in my work as a professional performer). I’m so gratified that I chose Dr. Shiela and her team to upgrade my smile. The process was seamless and surprisingly fast. The team talked me through every step, and the technology they have is clearly top notch. I was, and still am, blown away by the results. I get so many compliments on my smile I’ve gotten used to it! South Capitol SC is hands down the best, most personable, professional dental office I’ve ever been to. Can’t recommend highly enough. – Chris K.

The quality of dental care that Dr. Samaddar provides is excellent. I always appreciate her conservative approach to treating nascent problems and the good advice she gives regarding treatments that cannot be delayed. She clearly explains her treatment recommendations and does a terrific job of following up with me post-visit to make sure that I am happy – which I always am. In addition, Dr. Samaddar is always willing to work with my dental insurance carriers, despite the fact that I have frequently changed policies. I highly recommend Dr. Samaddar and her team at the South Capitol Smile Center to anyone looking for an outstanding dental practice. – Alex T.

Dr. Samaddar explained everything she was doing and why. She explained and demostrated what I needed to do to take the best care of my teeth. It was my first time visiting South Capitol Smile Center and I could not have been more happy.  – Andrew V.

Dr. Sheila Samaddar is a friend, neighbor, and my new dentist! As a patient of hers, I can tell you she is very gentle!  – Kelly W.

I recently switched to the South Capitol Smile Center after getting sick of taking days off and driving out to Virginia for dental care. She’s been extremely accomodating with my busy schedule, her staff is very friendly and her work has been wonderful. I can’t say enough good things about this office and no, this is not a paid endorsement! It’s just a recommendation from a neighbor who is happy and excited that she found great customer service in this day and age!  – Jody S.

Dr. Sheila is personable and hard-working. SHE IS GREAT! I recommend her to everyone. I will be taking all of our children there.  – James V.

I just switched my 6 1/2 yr old to Dr. Sheila Samaddar, whose office is not only convenient to the Hill (across from the new baseball stadium), but she’s a MOTH (Mom on the Hill). Beautiful modern office, great staff, terrific dentist.  – Alison I.

Dr. Samaddar is the best dentist I’ve ever had! She is very friendly and spent a lot of time explaining things and answering my questions. She fixed my cavities and replaced some old silver fillings with much nicer looking white ones and it didn’t hurt at all. She even spent some extra time making sure my teeth looked perfect for my wedding. Thank you Dr. Samaddar!   – Andy S.

I have to say a huge thanks for my new smile. I love it! It was nice to arrive to our new home country and not be bothered with my crooked teeth anymore. I’m hoping my perfect Invisalign smile and 2 words of Spanish will get me far in this city. – Jill

A huge “Thank you” for alerting my attention last August to my son’s airway issues. When you mentioned it things started clicking – his mouth-breathing/snoring, choppy sleep, lack of energy during the day, irritability… What a relief to have the procedure behind us. My child is sleeping much better (the sleep study found severe sleep apnea and an average of 11.5 awakenings per hour!), no longer snoring, and no more gasping for air. Daytime behavior and energy have improved as well. No other doctors had noticed his health issues before you. THANK YOU!!! – Y.M.

Dr. Sheila went above and beyond with my husband, who had a severe toothache the week of Christmas, and it was so painful that Orajel, codeine, and several other painkillers did not affect it and he was not able to sleep at all that night. She answered her phone in the early morning hours (before 7am) and offered to see him, even though her office was not open. I’ve never had a dentist who cared so much, and so I DEFINITELY recommend her 🙂 She does excellent work, but it was that situation that really secured it for me 🙂 – Carrie N.

Dr. Sheila is the best. Our whole family goes to her and enjoys it! How often do you say that about a dentist? – Kathy P.

I had some very extensive dental work done over many weeks and was very impressed with her work (plus would actually look forward to going to the dentist b/c she’s so much fun to chat with and drama free). Not only does Dr. Sheila miraculously administer practically painless Novocain shots in the gums, but she skillfully redid some very old crown/veneer work I had that was on its last legs from 20 years ago. It is an enormous improvement, and I am so grateful to no longer be self-conscious about my smile!!! – D.J.