Wisdom Teeth Removal


If it has been recommended to have your wisdom teeth out and you have been putting off their removal, Dr. Samaddar and the South Capitol Smile Center team can help. At some point in life, some people require their wisdom teeth to be extracted, even if they are not experiencing complications. Many painful and lasting problems can eventually occur due to the arrival of wisdom teeth. If your wisdom teeth are at a bad angle, partially erupted in your mouth or have gum tissue blocking them, it can sometimes cause a dental infection that could affect your other teeth. Thanks to today’s technology, wisdom teeth removal has been improved to maximize your comfort and quicken your recovery time.

Typically, your recovery from wisdom tooth extraction will last just a day or two. The South Capitol Smile Center team will provide with you with detailed information on the best recommendations for treatment and recovery.


Dr. Samaddar explained everything she was doing and why. She explained and demostrated what I needed to do to take the best care of my teeth. It was my first time visiting South Capitol Smile Center and I could not have been more happy.

Andrew V.