Gum Contouring


Do you think your smile is too “gummy”? If so, you may be interested in cosmetic contouring of your gum tissue. Dr. Samaddar can give you a more aesthetic appearance when you smile by shaping and sculpting your gums, using a laser to minimize recovery time. This procedure can make a dramatic difference in the look of your smile.

Q: I just want my smile to look good. What are some options to help the appearance of my smile?

A: You are not alone. Most people want to have a nice smile since it is the first thing others notice about you. You may be interested in a few minor adjustments or may have concerns that need more attention. Some smiles can be enhanced with simple whitening or bonding treatments. Other smiles need Invisalign®, porcelain veneers, crowns or bridges; gum contouring; periodontal therapy or a combination of all these techniques. Dr. Samaddar will suggest a treatment plan for you based on your goals, areas of concern and the overall condition of your oral health. Contact us today for a smile evaluation to determine what course of action will produce the best solution for you.


Very energetic dentist, you can feel her passion for her job. Dr. Samaddar is constantly keeping up to date to offer the latest to her patients. It was a great experience to know her. I highly recommend her.

Ingrid J.